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It all started on the water, naturally. But RegattaSports Chris Cookson and Joe Camillo first met as competitors, not partners. Chris came from several generations of rowers; Joe came to rowing as a teenager and immediately fell in love with the competition, the discipline, and the adrenaline. They both loved the sense of community, which brings competitors together in a distinctive camaraderie while spurring each other on to reach greater heights.

We understand the value of performance gear firsthand.

After rowing together at the 1987 World Rowing Championships, Chris and Joe took on a new challenge. They felt that there was no store that catered to rowers like them. RegattaSport opened the following spring in a 250 square foot space in Port Dalhousie, Ontario as the first of its kind in Canada, and one of the few stores dedicated to oarspeople in the world. Since then, RegattaSport has grown dramatically to become a global leader in developing performance gear for all levels. In 1998, they discovered the dragon boat community and added that as a major element of the business. Today, RegattaSport offers world-class performance gear for a range of water sports as well as more general fitness activities.

As former world-class rowers themselves, Chris and Joe understand that athletes are always pushing to find the edge. That includes developing custom performance gear designed especially for the athlete. RegattaSport works directly with customers and manufacturers to create innovative, technically superior products from scratch. Everything from fabric selection, construction, embellishment, production, and delivery is considered and included. The best manufacturers are selected, regardless of location, but all the custom work is done right here in North America. We’re proud of where we’ve come from, and we’ve come a long way since 1988.

We’re still determined to be the very best - competitive from the very beginning.