World Rowing 2024

RegattaSport is proud to provide as the official merchandiser for the 2024 World Rowing Championship.

Burnham Boat Slings

RegattaSport is a Official Supplier for Burnham Boat Slings.

Bont Rowing Supplier

RegattaSport is an official supplier of Bont Rowing gear.

World Rowing

RegattaSport is the Official Merchandiser for World Rowing.

St. Catharines Rowing Club

RegattaSport is the primary merchandiser for our local SCRC team

Speed Skating Canada

RegattaSport is the Official Merchandiser for Speed Skating Canada.

Competitive from the very beginning

It all started on the water, naturally. But RegattaSports Chris Cookson and Joe Camillo first met as competitors, not partners. Chris came from several generations of rowers; Joe came to rowing as a teenager and immediately fell in love with the competition, the discipline, and the adrenaline. They both loved the sense of community, which brings competitors together in a distinctive camaraderie while spurring each other on to reach greater heights.