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NK Wireless Suction Cup Mount for SpeedCoach GPS SUP

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SpeedCoach - Unit Only Take your training to the next level with the Speed Coach system from NK. Instantaneous boat speed readings will tell you exactly how fast the boat is moving and give immediate quantitative feedback on personal improvement, technical changes, rigging adjustments or seat race switches.

The Speed Coach is an excellent training tool for any small boat, and is also an excellent complement to a Cox Vox or Cox Box amplification system in coxed boats, giving coxswains quantitative feedback on boat speed as technique and power calls are made.

Boat speed through the water is accurately measured and clearly displayed, together with stroke rate and elapsed time, distance or averaged speed. Rowing on moving water makes it uniquely difficult to measure your improvement over a stroke or over a piece. NK's proven speed impeller won't ever mislead you the way a land-based time or speed measurement can.

Elapsed time and stroke rate readings guide workouts, and average speed and memory recall allow you to review your performance over a piece or race in detail.

Choose to display either meters, kilometers, miles or nautical miles. With each power up, the unit also displays the total distance rowed since the last battery change, providing a running training log.

The display unit is waterproof, bouyant and durable and the speed sensor is low-drag and resistant to fouling.

No through-hull holes are required for installation.


**Please insert bumper colour choice in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS upon checkout**

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