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NK SpeedCoach GPS 2

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GPS 2 The SpeedCoach GPS Just Got Smarter...And More Connected!!. Chronograph: 0 to 59:59:99 with auto rollback, 1/100th sec. resolution. Stroke Rate: Rate input from accelerometer, autostart with first stroke, 6 to 99 1/2, 1/2-stroke resolution, update every stroke. Stroke Count: Count input from accelerometer, autostart with first stroke, 0 to 999 with auto rollover, 1-stroke resolution, update every stroke. Distance: Meters, kilometers or statute miles. Speed/Split: Speed over land averaged and updated every stroke. May be displayed as either speed (meters per second) or split (time for 00 meters). GPS speed smoothing from 1-stroke to 8-strokes. Impeller mode (water speed and distance) available with optional wiring. Memory: 18 hours of memory. Approx. 125 2000m workouts, or 55 5000m workouts. Display: High contrast, sunlight readable monochrome liquid crystal display with 400 x 240 resolution and large, clear numerals. Backlight: LED backlight illuminates the display in low-light conditions and triggers automatically when needed. Case: Impact-resistant polycarbonate case with sealed acrylic window. Sun and saltwater resistant. Controls: Four soft-touch buttons, large primary start/stop/clear button. Battery: One rechargeable Lithium-Poly battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life (backlight dependent). Battery Life Expectancy: Battery can be expected to last 300 full charge/discharge cycles. The expected cycles increase greatly for partial charge/discharge. After 300 cycles, expected capacity is 80% of original. Power Conservation: Auto-off after 8 minutes of inactivity (no button presses or movement). Size: Display unit measures 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 in (92 x 67 x 31 mm). Control System Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g) with bumper. System Weight: 7.2 oz with quick-wrap mount. Water Resistance: Waterproof (IP67, NEMA-6). Buoyancy: DOES NOT FLOAT. Warranty: Two-year warranty on entire system

**Please insert bumper colour choice in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS upon checkout**

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